Our sustainability ambition

At Belysse, our sense of responsibility for the planet is rooted in our reverence for it. The waters of the River Lys that gave our company its name. The air we breathe. The earth under our feet that is ours to protect.

We are working towards a bold ambition. To honour our planet’s generosity in every way we can. It begins by taking responsibility for our own contributions to the challenges we face and by understanding that, although the process of production can take a toll on the environment, we can turn the tides through careful consideration and respect for our world.

Recycled materials

Our YMPACT-labelled yarns are made with recycled raw materials and require fewer resources to treat and dye.

Water conservation

We invest in keeping our wastewater clean, reduce our water usage, and collect rainwater to be shared with neighboring companies during droughts.

Locally produced

Our carpets are made in Europe (modulyss and itc) or the US (Bentley), creating a short supply chain with little need for heavy, polluting transport.

Circularity as standard

Our carpets are thoughtfully designed, using materials that can be recycled and reused, reducing waste and minimizing our environmental impact.

Designed for life

Every product we create is designed with longevity and conservation in mind. Our soft flooring retains its beauty for years to come, keeping homes and workplaces cozy and quiet.