Technology and craftmanship

Our passion for designing, developing and producing premium soft flooring knows no bounds. We take pride in every step of the design and production journey, which turns fibres into remarkable wall-to-wall carpets, carpet tiles, and rugs. From the initial design and development stages to yarn selection, tufting, backing, and printing, as well as the dyeing process, we uphold a commitment to sustainability, consistent quality and customised solutions. The result? Exquisitely tufted carpets that elevate spaces and inspire creativity.

Design & development

Our team of design experts skilfully translates the latest interior design trends into captivating patterns, structures, and colours. Working closely with our textile engineers, they strike a perfect balance between form and function to offer the top-performing and eco-friendly products that surpass customer expectations.

Yarn selection

We believe that selecting the right yarn is crucial for creating carpets of exceptional quality and durability. That is why we predominantly work with high-quality synthetic yarns such as polyamide (PA) and polyester (PES), which are renowned for their strength, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance.

Some of our yarns carry the YMPACT quality label. YMPACT represents our commitment to a sustainable approach by using various types of eco-friendly yarns for our carpets, ensuring a greener choice for our customers.


We produce our tufted carpets using state-of-the-art tufting machines, ensuring exceptional quality and precision. During the tufting process, tufts of yarn are inserted into a primary backing to create the carpet’s pile. The primary backing plays a crucial role in securing the tufts and ensuring the carpet's dimensional stability.

Our tufted carpets are available in different pile constructions, such as loop pile and cut pile, providing a multitude of design options.


Following the tufting process, we further enhance the carpet's strength by applying a secondary backing. This involves laminating the backing materials together using a layer of latex. We offer a range of backing options for both commercial and residential use. They are made from various materials, making sure that they provide the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Printing and dyeing

This stage of the production process is essential for creating visually captivating carpets with a wide range of patterns and colours. While dyeing typically involves a single colour, the printing process enables a multitude of colourful designs on the fabric's surface.