Sustainable Development Goals

We strongly believe that a sustainable approach is the only way forward. For people and for the planet. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline to shape our approach and scale up our contribution to the areas that matter most to society and where we can achieve the greatest impact.

A minimal impact on the environment

To limit our impact on the environment, we actively invest in renewable and alternative energy sources, sustainable materials, improved production and clever waste management. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Clean water and sanitation

We not only invest in improving the quality of our wastewater, but also aim to reduce our water usage (-30% by 2030). On top of this, we contribute by collecting rainwater, which neighboring companies can use during droughts.

SDG 12

Responsible consumption and production

By using recycled materials and recycling production waste wherever we can, we reduce the material footprint of our production process. In addition, we encourage responsible consumption by making high-quality products that are designed to last.


Industry, innovation and infrastructure

As our production requires a considerable amount of energy, we continuously work to optimize our processes. We purchase green energy and produce our own through the solar panels installed at our production sites. The ISO 50001 certificate that we obtained for our Zele production facility proves the effectiveness of our ongoing efforts to reduce our energy consumption.

A positive effect on people

As a VisionZero company, we take care to take care. Of everyone. From employees and suppliers to customers. And that means: healthy and safe working conditions, and respect for all involved.


Good health and well-being

We strive for zero accidents among our own staff and expect the same from our stakeholders. We do everything to ensure consumer safety through recognized certifications and labels. Our products contain low volumes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and we aim for zero harmful chemicals.

SDG 16

Ethical business conduct

Integrity in the way we achieve results means a lot to us. And that implies ethical business practices, which comply with the most rigorous regulations and recommendations. Our policies, training and awareness-generating activities including advice and instructions on ethical, lawful and mindful behavior regarding cyber security and data protection, antitrust and measures to fight fraud, corruption and bribery.