YMPACT sustainable yarns

We have created YMPACT as a quality label for sustainable yarns. To empower people to make informed, environmentally conscious choices and help them join us in our goal of a healthier planet for every generation to come.

Our most sustainable yarns

Only our most eco-friendly solutions merit the YMPACT stamp of approval.

  • Mass-balance approach polyamide. This yarn is a proprietary development, made from both virgin and recycled materials, containing 35% allocated recycled content of the same virgin grade quality as regular yarn. We’re proud of the way this innovative material helps us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and how the solution dye offers high stain resistance, dye fastness and rich, beautiful color.
  • 100% regenerated polyamide. This recycled yarn is made from recovered fishing nets, old carpets and other nylon waste. This way, we help tackle the challenge of ocean and landfill waste, while creating products that will be recycled again and again.
  • 100% recycled polyester. This yarn requires limited energy to produce and is made from post-industrial plastic waste that would otherwise pollute the earth.

Our goal is that a significant part of our product portfolio will carry the YMPACT label. A label that signifies a raising of the bar, the very highest quality, environmentally conscious manufacturing and an indulgent and luxurious feel.