Internship IT & Business Development

Waregem –

We are a team of experts with a strong legacy in soft flooring. We create, develop and produce durable floor coverings for premium commercial and residential applications. We have 4 premium brands are ITC, modulyss, Arc Edition and Bentley. Our 1300 colleagues are employed at our headquarters located in Waregem or at one of our production sites in Tielt, Zele or Los Angeles. Together we are The people from Belysse.

Hey, you! Are you on your magical carpet ride yet? How early you are!

We're happy to roll out our carpet for interns within all kinds of departments!

An internship with us means choosing a company that is progressive, committed to sustainability, strives for a circular economy and has innovation as a common thread throughout all its activities.

There are multiple internship opportunities across the different sites (HR, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Production, Supply Chain, Finance, HSE...).

Specifically, your internship will consist of:

  • a series of realistic and informative assignments in line with your training
  • a real added value to our company and your education
  • an opportunity to work with our experts in a professional environment
  • a high-quality development of your skills
  • Thanks to this internship, you will have the opportunity to take your first steps in professional life, which will allow you to develop a great career in the long run...

Ready to roll? Then apply now!